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October 12, 2012
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Mafia!Spain x Mafia!reader x Mafia!S. Italy
"So what's the mission?" Romano asked,
"We've got to take down this chica called [f/n] [l/n]," Spain answered, tossing an over filling folder to his partner in crime. Lovino opened the folder and took out their targets photo. A women wearing; blue boot bottom jeans, a white blouse [much like his partner's white blouse] that hugged her curves, a leather glove on her right hand with the finger's cut off, a black tie, and military boots. She had gorgeous [e/c] eye's, lushes [h/c] locks, and magnificent [s/c] skin.
"I fucking going to go and take out a weak and pathetic women!" Lovino exclaimed,
"AHA! She's not weak and pathetic according to her file! According to this, she is the right hand of the mafia! If she was tookin' out, they'd fall apart!" smirked Antonio. 'Maybe this isn't waste less...' Lovino thought, as he adjusted his black tie.
~~~~[1 week later]
Lovino and Antonio had their plan set and loaded, ready for action. The duo sat in their hiding spot's, prepared with weapons. But unknown to them, she knew of this plan, she's not the best for nothing. [f/n] strode through the dark ally. Ready for them. Antonio looked around the garbage bin, his hand gun pointed right at her. Lovino fallowed through. She dove behind an old rusty car, welding  her dessert eagles in both hands. With dead-on aim. She shot two bullets at Antonio and Lovino, one hitting Antonio's shoulder, the other hitting Lovino's left thigh (that he had been leaning on for support). This was to risky! If they stay they'd be dead in about another two minutes. Lovino and Antonio glanced at one another, each thinking the same thing. 'Retreat'. So without further ado, both men scattered out of the site. A smirk played onto [f/n]'s face. She simply loved to fight, but mostly win. She stood up and and walked towards the empty road.
~~~~[1 and a half months later]
[f/n] trudged up the marble white steps of her enemy mafia's mansion. [f/n] wondered when the day where she'd be walking into her enemy mafia's command central would come, hell! She never thought it would come in a billion year's! She stood before the boss, two men stood next to him. One on each side, she recognized them as the men who attacked her a month and a half ago. "What brings you here?" Smirked the boss.
"I came to join your mafia," [f/n] growled firmly, she wasn't playing around.
"And why would that be?" he asked,
"THAT BLOODY WOMEN PUT A FUCKING BOUNTY ON MY BROTHER'S HEAD AND GOT HIM KILLED! I AIN'T STAYIN' THERE!" she barked, slamming her fist on the mans desk. The men took a mid-step forward's, placing their hands on their guns. [f/n] stole a glance at the men through the corner's of her eye's. One wore a black suit with the coat undone, white blouse, a black vest, black tie, and a black hat. The other wore the same thing only he didn't ware a tie or a hat, but he did wear a thick, gold cross around his neck with a few buttons undone at the top. The boss quickly threw his hand up, signaling them to not attack.
"You seem to have mad your point. Here is your first mission," he flobbed a folder in front of her. She smirked, taking the folder and moving out. [f/n] had to admit... she might like it here better then she thought...
~~~~[2 years later]
[f/n and the others in the mafia got along very well, specially Lovino and Antonio. She paste the tomatoes a swears and became their friend, however Lovino and Antonio always thought of her in another manor, shall we say... Love? Yes, love. She was always on their mind, weather it just popped up or weather they were fantasizing (me:yes!In the dirty way!).
   [f/n], Lovino, and Antonio sat in cover. The mafia was being attacked by their opposing mafia. The boss had managed to get out [but not without taking a few down]. Now the only concern was how were they going to get out? [f/n] held her desert eagles in her hands, she looked over the top and started to shoot like a mad-(wo)men, the duo fallowing the leader. However there was practically and army! They shot at her and only a bullet hit her shoulder, while a bullet just skinned the two men. But [f/n] did not back down, no, she aimed and shot a gas can (me: what's a gas can doing here?). It caused a long enough distraction for the trio to get away, or as they say, 'disappear'.
~~~~[few hours later]
[f/n] dug her pocket knife within the bullet wound, attempting to force it out while trying to not scream. Lovino and Antonio inspected he place, or at least they faked it... originally they were trying not to worry over [f/n]! She finally dug out the bullet and groaned,
" Finally that bitch came out," she muttered to herself, though the two heard and turned to see her trying to wrap the wound, though have a difficult time. Antonio smirked as he walked up to her and sat in front of her.
"You know... we're going to have to take that blouse off so we can wrap that up..." Antonio smirked, [f/n] blushed.
"N-no we don't!" [f/n] replied quickly. Lovino stood behind the Spanish man, arms crossed over his chest with a smirk slap dab on his sexy face.
"Yes, we will need to~" Lovino smirked. Before [f/n] could blink, her blouse was removed. The men smirked as Antonio started to wrap the wound up. Once he finished, Antonio looked up to her red face. Without a second thought, he kissed her cheek.
"No es necesario estar en más elemental, que tiene un muy ... cuerpo delicioso," Antonio muttered against her red cheek. Lovino latched his hands onto [f/n] waist from behind, as he started to suck and bit her neck.
"Don't you dare take her for yourself, you bastard~" Lovino growled to Antonio, who was smirking into the kiss he had started with [f/n].
"I wouldn't dare," Antonio replied. [f/n] moaned, as she clutched onto Antonio's blouse. The sound of her moans turned the duo on. Antonio leaned into [f/n], pushing her back into Lovino's length, while his length pushed onto her crotch. A loud moan escaped her lushes lip's. The agonizing wait ate at her, as she ripped Antonio's blouse off. Lovino leaned into her back, his muscular chest against her smooth [s/c] skin. Lovino removed a hand from her waist and with only two fingers, unclipped her [f/c] lacy bra (me:HE GOT SKILL!), letting it fall off. Antonio removed his lip's from [f/n]'s, and dowm to her [brown/pink] erect nipple. He nipped, sucked, and licked it to his hearts content. [f/n] withered in pure pleasure, a sudden flowing feeling flowed through her nipple. She peeked her eye's open for a second and glanced down to notice that Antonio was no longer nipping or licking, but sucking. He was drinking her milk! her thought were torn away when it started to feel cool on her legs. [f/n]'s hand flew onto Lovino's head and grabbed something and she felt two cold finger's rubbing her cilt. A loud male moan joined her as she realized that she grabbed onto Lovino's curl. [f/n] started to moan loader as Antonio sucked harder, [f/n] hand placed it's self over his head and forced him into her breast more. Lovino moved his wet finger's to her second opening and pushed his finger's in forcefully. [f/n] moan and in muttering pleas, begged him to take them out. But he just started to move in and out in a scissor like fashion. Antonio finished pushing his pants off, only wearing his green boxer's [as Lovino was in his red boxer's.]. [f/n] pushed his green boxer's off and clutched his hard length in her hand, pumping it roughly. Antonio detached from her nipple and moaned, some milk spilling out and landing on his god like chest. Antonio moaned out as he cam right into [f/n]'s hand. He pulled out of her grip and thrusted in her, Lovino fallowing. [f/n] cryed out in moans as they pounded her mercilessly. A trail of drool trailed down the left side of her jaw. It was pretty likely that she wouldn't be able to walk tomorrow! The duo groaned out as they cam a large loud within her hole as she cam too, but instead of stopping they pounded her harder. The speed was amazingly fast and hard! [f/n] was definitely not going to be able to walk tomorrow! "I-I'M GOING TO C-CUM!" [f/n] cried, the men grunted in response. A few moment's later, they all cam. With deep, heavy panting, they guy's pulled out. As soon as they did, cum started to spill out off her. The three collapsed onto the coach. "Ti amo~" panted Lovino.
"Lo mismo digo, te quiero," Antonio muttered into [f/n]'s hair.
"I love you both, too."
Why do I not like this... Maybe 'cuz I felt awkward writing this...
:iconsquealplz: Oh Gawd, this got put into 3 groups in one day like... :iconwowplz:
Remake: [link]
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