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September 21, 2012
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
I must now write a Male!ReaderxSpain Lemon, with a Reader that is
Curious (my choice), that takes place at reader/countries house and must
somewhere feature a book.
Sequel to "Nervous Wreck"
Antonio moaned and panted as you moved your hands all over his muscular chest. Antonio kept himself busy by wrestling with the others tongue, and tugging on some of your [h/s] [h/c] hair. Things were getting more intense as you both kept going. "Hey! What are you doing?!" yelled a police officer.
"Crap!" you muttered as the two of you bolted out of there.
"Hey! Stop!" The officer shouted as he chased after, but you two were already far, far away. "D-damn, fast kid's..." panted the officer, but really... he was just WAY over weight.
        Antonio and you panted as you reached his house, his folks were out for the week, so you were safe to do whatever. "H-hey, thanks for letting me stay for the night~" you smiled at Antonio.
"Anything for my boyfriend-erm! I mean-"
"Boyfriend? Heh... Sure, let's be boyfriend's, or whatever!" Antonio blushed.
"O-okay!" Antonio smiled, sitting next to you on the love seat. You were about to start talking to him, when a book caught you eye's.
"No way! Your reading [f/b]?" you asked.
"Cool! I'm reading this book too!" Antonio smiled.
"Huh... how about we watch a movie?"
"What's the movie?"
"Alright!" Antonio smiled as he went to put the movie in. Once you and Antonio were ready, you started to watch it.
~~~~Timeskip brought to you by Iggy Brow's~~~~
As you watched the movie, you couldn't help but feel a little bored. Options ran through your mind, over and over, but one stood out to you the most. You leaned over to Antonio's ear and whispered, "Hey, wanna continue what we started?"
"H-huh!?" Antonio asked startled and blushing. You smirked as you pushed him onto his back. You unbuttoned his shirt and started to rub his chest. "_____~" Antonio moaned your name loudly. You kissed his chest ever so often. Curiosity suggested some things in your mind as you kissed his chest, but the curiosity got the bets of you as you started to lick his nipple. A surprised gasp escaped his lip's as you started to suck and tug his sensitive nipple. Swapping, you started to strip Antonio's pants. Once Antonio was only in his boxers, you were kissing his neck, trying to find his weak spot. "______!" Antonio breathed, found it! You started to nibble and suck,  erupting more moans from your Spanish lover. Antonio started to tug on your baggy shirt, eye's pleading for you to strip the shirt. Pausing the assault on his neck, you pulled the shirt off and your pant's, leaving you in only your boxers. Antonio leaned forward and pushed you backwards so now you were on your behind. He ripped your boxers off, blushing at your hardness. His tanned hand put your cock into his mouth, bobbing his head. It took all your might not to buck. A heavenly feeling started to take over your body.
"A-AH! I-I'm coming!!" You cried out as you cam in his mouth. Antonio pulled away as he swallowed it. Quickly recovering, you flipped him onto his hand's and knees.
"Hope ya' don't mind~" you muttered into his ear. You gripped his cock into your hand as the other guided yours into his ass. You grunted, he was so tight! You pulled out slowly, causing a moan to spill from both your lips. As you trusted back in and out, you started to pump his dick in your hand. Antonio could feel himself coming to his end, as you felt yourself coming too. Antonio turned his head to yours and caught you in a french kiss. Antonio broke the kiss soon though as he cried out, "__-___________!!!"
"ANTONIO!!" you cried out his name as he did yours. He came in your hand, as you came in his behind.
      Breathing heavily, you pulled out. Collapsing onto the couch, Antonio too. He snuggled himself into your chest, as you pulled up a blanket over the two of you. "I love you," you panted, Antonio nodded. Since he was out of breath. After your heart rate settled, you both fell into a deep slumber. Antonio muttering a quick, "Te amo."
Sequal to 'Nervous Wreck': [link]
Used same generator again: [link]
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